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Living in Prague

Living in Prague​

​​​​​​Pearl of former Eastern Europe; Prague is one of the best-preserved cities in Europe. In the center of Prague you envision yourself in a fairytale; Gothic churches, lovely bridges en charming alleyways surround you. Numerous historic buildings and cathedrals surround picturesque squares. Gold-plated façades and spires cause the entire city – which has been rewarded the status of monument by the UN in 1992 – to shine in the sunlight. The main attraction in Prague is the Charles Bridge, the longest bridge originating from the Middle Ages in Europe. Prague was founded in the thirteenth century around the Prague castle and has been the cultural and administrative centre of the Czech Republic for over one thousand years.

The historical centre of Prague is so charming and offers so many possibilities for entertainment that many expatriates prefer to live in the centre. Especially for expatriates without children and who will stay in Prague for a relative short period (about one year) living in the old town can be a special experience. The abundance of shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, theatres, cinemas, etc. cause the centre to be very lively throughout the year. The offer of accommodation mainly focuses on furnished and unfurnished apartments. The rents are noticeably higher as in other parts of Prague and finding a parking space can be quite a challenge.

Families with children often prefer to live close to one of the international schools. The international schools are mainly concentrated in Prague 4, 5 and 6 and finding accommodation within 15 minutes travelling distance is no problem. Prague is still a relatively ‘small’ city and as a result the access to most districts is quite good. The public transportation system is excellent and we recommend selecting a district for living, which offers the right atmosphere, and not focus too much on accessibility. Throughout the city, including the suburbs, good quality housing is available​.